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Casting 17yo girl

Casting 17yo girl

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Related article: Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 08:33:11 -0400 From: Mike Clark Subject: Cindy and Jen Part 2CINDY AND JEN PART 2 By: Mike Clark ( story is a work of fiction and is copyrighted material. It contains scenes of scat between two women and was written by an adult. Cindy was in the kitchen when Jen came home from the gym. Dressed in a blue sports bra and running shorts, she walked in, covered in sweat. She threw her ipod on the couch and looked at Cindy. Cindy was wearing jeans and nothing else."Hey there," said Jen as she walked into the kitchen.Cindy greeted her with a hug and a long kiss on the lips. "Hello there yourself! How was the gym?""Good. I really burned some calories today," said Jen, glistening with sweat."Mmm...looks like you worked up a sweat too!"Cindy knelt down and started to nuzzle Jen's pussy through her running shorts. She loved the smell and especially the taste of a nice, wet, sweaty pussy. Her exposed nipples started to become erect."I hope you got nice and sweaty on the inside too!" Cindy started to pull down Jen's shorts and started licking her inner thighs. Jen caressed Cindy's hair and slowly spread her legs just enough. Cindy's tongue lapped up the sweat dripping from Jen's engorged pussy lips - she did have large pussy lips - Cindy loved to suck on them. She 1 8 wire rope pulled those pussy lips into her mouth and sucked and massaged them. Then she spread them apart with her hands and stuck her tongue inside Jen's pussy as far as it would go.Jen could hardly stand up from the pussy eating she was getting. Cindy must have been pretty horny when she got home. "Fuck, me."Cindy continued to feast on Jen's wet pussy, then stood up and faced 14yo pussy her. "I have a surprise for you!""Really? Oooh...let's go into the bathtub."They both knew what the surprise was. Aside from eating each other's shit on a regular basis and having wild shit sex for the past month, they had started to experiment with insertions, especially food. They loved to insert food in their asses, keep it there for a while, then shit it out and enjoy it.Cindy stripped her jeans off and Jen pulled off her sports bra. They walked into the bathroom, giggling with excitement. 39 and pregnancy doctor Jen got in the tub first, and knelt down on her knees. "I can hardly wait!"Cindy stepped in and turned around. She bent over slightly and pushed her ass into Jen's face. Jen could see Cindy's hole quivering. She gave it a kiss and tongued the rim a bit. Cindy moaned with pleasure. "You want what's in there?""Absolutely!"Cindy eased her muscles slightly and her anus expanded a little bit. Something was coming out, and it wasn't shit. Jen closed her eyes and placed her lips to Cindy's hole, awaiting the surprise. daytona cheerleading 2010 Slowly something exited her hole and started sliding into Jen's mouth over her tongue..."Mmmmm!" said Jen, her mouth filling up with Cindy's surprise, which ended up being a chocolate fudge brownie. Cindy had gotten good at shoving things inside her ass recently - and she loved to feed Jen not just shit, but food and other things 12yo lesbian from her ass."I hope you like it - it should have some of my shit on it too."It sure did. That brownie sat in Cindy's ass for at 39 and pregnancy doctor least four hours - it was ripe with the smell and taste of shit. under 16 nude A little bit of shit came out with the brownie and Jen gladly took everything into her mouth to eat. Cindy turned around to watch as Jen, eyes closed and moaning lightly with enjoyment, chewed and savored every 201st mechanized assault bit of that shitty brownie. She knelt down as well and began to caress Jen's clit along with her own. Jen swallowed, and grabbed Cindy's hand to stop her. "Not yet...stand up again."Cindy stood up and Jen turned her around again and bent her over. This time she went for Cindy's pussy instead of her ass. Cindy put her hands against the tile wall to brace herself and got 12yo lesbian lost in the pleasure of Jen eating her out. Jen lightly caressed her pussy lips with her tongue, then darted her tongue in and out of her pussy. She sucked 25 hottest female athletes on her clit and kissed and slobbered all 2 magazine gay over Cindy's dripping wet pussy.Then Jen turned Cindy around, stood up, and motioned for her to sit in the tub. Cindy sat down, knowing what was coming. Jen turned around and placed her ass in front of Cindy's face. Cindy waited with her mouth open and her tongue hanging out. She could hardly wait. She saw Jen's asshole quiver and start to expand - then it would pucker back up again. This was Jen's way of teasing her as well as making herself feel good. Jen loved teasing her own ass by starting to shit and then holding it back - doing this until she couldn't take it anymore and had to release.Jen didn't tease for long...she opened up her ass and let a large 1954 diaper log drift slowly out. So slow that Cindy had time to admire it. It was firm, and very thick, with a marble-like brown color. It looked absolutely delicious. It was coming out so slow that it almost stood still - Cindy took this opportunity to inch forward and lick the turd as it sat protruding out of Jen's asshole. Then Jen pushed more and it started to slide out again. Cindy caught it with her tongue and guided it into her mouth. She loved the feeling of mp4 goth porn a warm shit log sliding into her mouth - filling her mouth up with smelly 2 way fantasy slut shit from her 14 nude photo lover...The log continued to come - a full ten inches of solid shit was now sticking out 16 y.o pics nake of Cindy's mouth. She leaned her head back against the wall, closed her eyes, 14 nude photo and began to eat. She wanted to savor this one, so she sucked on free 3gp porn download it, chewed very slowly, and swallowed rarely...she loved to have it sort of sink down inside her - to enjoy and taste every millimeter of this shit.Jen turned around and got down on her knees. She leaned forward and put her face next to Cindy's. She then took her hand and started rubbing Cindy's wet pussy. Cindy continued to eat 2 way fantasy slut but opened her eyes to look at her beautiful lover. 201st mechanized assault She caressed Jen's body as she ate her shit.Jen then started to finger-fuck Cindy, fj-40 twin stick shifter who was still working on Jen's big shit log. Cindy started to claw at Jen's back and was moaning loudly. Jen was watching her as she fucked her pussy with her fingers, bringing her closer to a ripping orgasm. Suddenly Cindy spat out the rest of the turd and screamed - Jen could feel her pussy quivering with a body-rocking orgasm. Cindy grabbed the shit that had fallen between them and shoved it forcefully into her mouth. She then grabbed Jen's face and pulled it towards hers and shoved her shit-covered tongue into her mouth. Jen greedily licked and sucked the shit off of Cindy's tongue and lips, and they shared a shitkiss for a long time."Fuck 18 porn pic Jen, your shit tastes so fucking good.""So does yours!""I can't believe this - I've never been so sexually fulfilled. And I've never felt 40 plus mom this way about anyone under 14 porno before.""Me too, Cind..."
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